Mobile Focused

We are mobile experts specializing in providing mobile solutions for our clients. This focus creates significant advantages in the features and benefits of the system, but more importantly with the tailored service and support that each client receives to drive business. We simplify all the technical aspects of running a complex mobile operation. Each solution is designed specifically for consumer-based MVNOs who require end-user billing and operational support. Focus and commitment to mobile allows Softel to not only see the future path of the industry, but shape the direction of that path with thought leadership and leading edge technology solutions.

Modularized Options

Our feature list allows any small to medium mobile carriers to compete with the big guys and connect to major carriers, giving customers the quality they expect. With robust business intelligence and data analytics, anticipating what subscribers want and being able to deliver is no problem with Softel’s nimble modular system. With our open APIs, MVNOs can integrate our solutions with their already existing third party systems. Our expertise in mobile will keep your operation running smoothly, with low operational and entry costs and quick time to market.

Quick Speed to Market

Softel has established the fastest go-to-market timeframes in the industry by implementing clients within a matter of days rather than weeks and months. The dedicated, private, cloud ecosystem that each client receives, can be deployed anywhere around the world within 15 minutes. The flexible configuration environment enables new services to be lit up within seconds with just a few clicks. New clients can be completely trained and launched within days.

Client Dedication

Softel provides superior support for growing your business. Our unmatched support team launches new clients in a matter of days, each within dedicated, private cloud ecosystems.

Cloud Powered

As a cloud-powered automation platform, there is no software to install and manage and no day-to-day operational headaches to worry about. With dedicated, private ecosystems built for the cloud, the system is highly flexible, highly scalable and self configurable.

Easy to Use

Each solution is designed to enable MVNOs to focus on creating unique customer experiences, and targeting their niche markets and driving revenue. Users simply log in to a unique website and view amazingly simplified screens where they see only what they need to see. Built to minimize or eliminate human error whenever possible, the screens are intuitive and self explanatory.